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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My first publication

One week ago, I took the plunge.  I released my debut short story, Underneath, for FREE at Smashwords.

In it's first week, Underneath has been downloaded 150 times and has received three reviews - 2 5-star reviews and 1 4-star reviews.  One reviewer stated "the characters came alive" and another says "the plot was really good and suspenseful till the very end."

It is still totally free and will remain so.  Go check it out here!

A big thanks to three reviewers - they've all made my week :)


  1. WHERE IS THIS NOW?!?!?!?! I'd love to try this short story, but it is no longer available, apparently, anywhere. This is sooo unfair. It sounds like precisely the kind of story I'd love to read. Has it been removed because you're reworking it into a novel? If so, SAY SO! Mention it so I can find this information in a web search. If not (or even if you are) PLEASE for the love of God re-release this story.

    1. Goodness gracious! You should really be over at my *real* blog http://heather.bishoffs.com - that's where any and all of my book decisions are actually listed! I haven't even visited or posted on this blog in eons. I removed Underneath after a flurry of 1-star reviews claiming it "too short", with the understanding that the general public must not like short stories ;)

      I'm not reworking it into a novel, but I will be bundling it into a short story collection later this year. I would be happy to email the book to you - all you had to do was ask! You didn't leave an email address with your comment, so if you want me to send it over, just email me at heathermariewrites@gmail.com and let me know which format you need :)

  2. Thank you so much! I actually did find your "real" blog, but figured I'd ranted here, no need to rant there as well; I was frustrated, but not quite to the "stalker" level. I'll be happy to pick up your short story collection when you publish it (I'm moved in where I can't have my 5,000+ books with me, so I live on ebooks now...), but would love to get Underneath sooner, so expect an email :)